A Beautiful Service

There are no set rules about what should go into the service. So long as you are doing what you feel is right – right for the person you have lost, right for those around you – that is plenty and it will allow you to grieve in a way that is appropriate for you. Together we can work out the most fitting way to proceed.

Part of the service will be a eulogy about the person – a tribute – in which we'll remember their life and the person they were. The things they did and said. Their qualities, their foibles, their likes and dislikes. I'll meet with you to talk about them and build up a rich picture of them, then I’ll write it up into a tribute that celebrates their life – a lovely story by which to remember them.

These days the service can be truly tailored to the individual. From readings and music to personal tributes from relatives and friends, I can help you to make the funeral ‘just as they’d have wanted’.

  • Funerals are often seen in terms of ‘a journey’, with family and friends accompanying their departed loved one to their last earthly point.
  • It may be that the ceremony is a positive occasion - with readings and music and a eulogy to celebrate a life lived.
  • You may prefer a more intimate service – one that is less about a story and more about a chance to say private goodbyes. We can select readings which reflect your grief and offer comfort and hope for the future.
  • Another type of service might be one of respect and propriety allowing for closure and dignity.

With my support you will be able to create a fitting tribute – personal, uplifting and memorable - to help make sense of this difficult time.