About Neil

I have a background in public speaking roles and I’m used to speaking to different groups of people and in a way that makes it relevant to them. But I know that the funeral is not about me, it’s all about the celebration of someone’s life - the life of someone dear to you. I’m always mindful to lead the service in such a way as to make that person the centre of attention.

When a relative, a friend or a loved one dies, the occasion that marks their passing is inevitably emotional, often sad and sombre and I respect that aspect of the service. But as we celebrate the life of the person I can tell stories and anecdotes to round out the service and bring hope to everyone in spite of the sadness they are feeling.

I'm pleased to be a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, a professional networking and support organisation that aims to ensure excellence and best practice in all civil ceremonies.

I have established relationships with local funeral directors and work with them to make sure that everything goes to plan and the needs of their clients are fulfilled.

If you would like to talk to me about officiating at the funeral, I would be pleased to help. Together, we can plan a fitting tribute that you will be proud of and remember well.

You can call me, send me a text or leave a message on my mobile: 07824 602214

Or send me an email: neilmac.celebrant@gmail.com